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Our logo is a reflection of our Māori and Pacific focus with the whāriki signifying our shared connection as Polynesians. The joined whāriki of Māori and fine mat from the Pacific - is highlighted by the small kōru and the frangipani flowers on the whāriki.

The kōru symoblises ourselves (the lower kōru)
and our client (the top kōru) and how we "support" our clients to achieve their goals.
The colours reflect Rangi and Papa - the land and the sky - and how nature intertwines with everything we do as Polynesians.

Finally the waves on the sides of the logo reflect our need to look to the past as we move towards the future - they signify movement, flow and progress.



Our logo is a reflection of our indigenous focus with the whariki (flax mat woven by Maori and represented in the logo design) signifying our shared connections as indigenous Maori of New Zealand (Aotearoa) with the indigenous peoples of Canada. Maori art is represented on one side of the whariki and the art on the other side represents First Nations and indigenous peoples of Canada to demonstrate our partnership of working together for the benefit of indigenous peoples in Canada.

The small spiral shape within the centre (called a Koru in Maori language) signifies us at Kahui Tautoko Consulting as supporters and the large koru above symbolizes our client communities. The colours reflect those of land and sky to signify our affiliation with the land and environment around us and how the living world embraces us. Finally the waves on the sides of the logo represents our desire to honour the past in order to build the future.